What is Garden Farming? Market gardening using permaculture, is one way to describe this new term by Peter Bane. Garden farming is the main thrust of his new book ” The Permaculture Handbook” ( http://permaculturehandbook.com/ ). The book does an eloquent job covering permaculture and describes the how to of setting up a garden farm not just for profit but also as a way of surviving through the tough economic times.


What is permaculture? There are many explanations of permaculture out there and I will lead you to one site here that covers it nicely and goes over some history briefly; http://omvalleypermaculture.com/category/what-is-permaculture/

I will cover more on my take of this very expansive topic so stayed tuned. Right now one way to describe it to your banker or any mainstream economic follower is to say it is ‘ the triple bottom line’ (TBL) which is ‘People,Planet and Profit’. The Permaculutre Ethics are Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. Very similar to TBL. Many books cover this as well as Peter’s recent book.

In the light,